Our studio manages all the aspects of fashion product development, from concept to delivery, by providing both design and manufacturing services.

Our expertise

We collaborate with brands and organizations to create impactful content by leveraging our industry knowledge. We gather information to formulate the best strategies and product designs for our client's vision. In our process, we encompass every step, from brand positioning to product development and its final presentation.

Creative Consultancy

We carefully curate the content gathered from our research when defining the right strategy for our client’s vision.

From brand positioning to product development and its final presentation, our team will guide brands and organizations to create meaningful content.

Product Development

The core of our studio lies in creating and developing contemporary fashion product solutions.

Starting with extensive research and getting insights for the right concept, to sketching and 3D prototyping, all the way to developing the right silhouette through pattern making and sourcing the appropriate materials for the right fit, we nurture a hands-on approach that gives a unique result.


We have a strong relationship with local manufacturing facilities and our production is guided by our production team’s high standards of quality control.

We supply our clients with technical specifications, drawings, grading rules and measurement charts for the production of garments.


A conscious approach to the never-ending research of carefully selected materials and finishing techniques gives us relevant industry knowledge.

Our strong relationship with numerous mills and factories enables us to learn about the latest innovations, and translate them into the best product solutions.

White Label

‘White label garments’ stands for our pre-developed items that are ready for finalizing and branding according to your company’s vision.

Photo & Video

Our Photo & Video team is specialised in creating and implementing a strong narrative and creatively directed visuals.

Tailoring visuals for many formats through creative concepts, art direction, photos, videos, and post-production.

Why work with us

1 Versatile

A cross-disciplinary approach to the transformative world and times is a crucial aspect of how we create.

Thoughtful and curious, we are continuously evolving our approach to ideation and building relationships.

2 Collaborative

Starting with our internal processes and ending with client work, all participants have a right for their voice and impact.

We believe in production transparency and in an open-source future for learning and creating.

3 Authentic

We are passionate about developing a solution of our own, and we always strive to perform on a top-notch level.

Our studio nourishes an ethic approach of building authentic and valuable products, locally in Croatia.