Labels and Trim Customization

Labels and Trim Customization

One of the first things that catch customers' eyes are thoughtful details that enhance the product in a certain way. When talking about thoughtful details, we are talking about trims and labels on fashion products. Trims represent components or added materials to help the base layer to blend in the envisioned design direction. As for the labels, they represent a practical way of incorporating brand imagery in some form of consistency.



Trim options

Talking about fashion products, trims add a unique layer of modularity, functionality and detail to a simple garment. This can be achieved using snap buttons, outer labels, hang tags, zippers, custom locks etc. In our studio we love to experiment with all sorts of trim options to give our garments unique looks and feel preserving the clean aesthetics.


Our product development process ensures that our clients have some predefined options to choose from or get inspired by, also incorporating client briefs and ability to fully customize their trims on garments.

Inspiring our clients through high-end visual language and customization.


When our client confirms the final design of their garment, the next step is to enhance it with some sort of trims. The trim customization process starts with creating one or multiple moodboards to research fashion industry best practices regarding the trim section presenting the potential solutions to our clients. The moodboard phase in our development process ensures that we take the right design direction.




Every design we create has its own preferable material. The same works for trims. After the moodboard phase we often go straight forward onto material sourcing and present our clients multiple variations on how the final trims can look and feel. Sourcing is a very important factor in our process because it gives us industry knowledge and additional inspiration to create high quality products for us and our clients.




After sourcing all the necessary materials and information, the next step is to start designing first proposals of trims. The process begins with the extraction of the design direction defined in the previous phase. When designing, we always take care to incorporate clients' brand guidelines if needed, otherwise we like to explore on our own all the different potential solutions and inspire our client. When we finalize the design proposals and get the “green light” by our client we make sure that everything is ready for the production on the technical side as well.




The production is the last stage and by far the most important. When producing our products we always make sure that we provide our clients with the first real life sample of it. After confirmation we produce the whole order and ensure that the production time will be as previously agreed. Before we get the trims applied on garments we are making sure that the quality assurance results stand for our standards.