ISA Bag for Colonize Mars


Concept Development

Creative Direction


Product Devolpment

Drawing inspiration from the space equipment, HW has developed a made-for-Mars helmet bag. The process of material sourcing required considerable time to find the right materials - ones that embody the essence of the space industry: durability, texture and lightweight properties.

The bag is constructed by combining cutting-edge high performance materials such as Dyneema, vectran, lined with japanese Nylon Twill. Dyneema® is a high-performance polyethylene fiber that has the highest strength-to-weight ration of any human made fibre and therefore allows the construction of incredibly light yet incredibly strong, durable and waterproof fabrics.

Vectran is a manufactured fiber, high-performance multifilament yarn spun from liquid crystal polymer. The fiber is five times stronger than steel and offers a unique combination of outstanding properties, such as, thermal stability at high temperatures and moisture-resistance. Japanese Nylon Twill is a premium fabric known for its lustrous finish, fine weave, strength, and water resistance.

Additionally, the bag features YKK weather-resistant zipper, mat aluminium lightweight trims, detachable pockets, inside pockets, webbing, and Fidlock® transparent magnetic fasteners.